Since 1998, the NVC brand has been built on absolute quality and a passion for evolving products to suit the needs of the changing market. Today, NVC is one of the top-selling brands in China with the intention of expanding internationally to become one of the fastest growing suppliers of energy-efficient LED light fixtures and other lighting systems worldwide.

Operating through a network of over 1500 distributors and 2500 exclusive retail outlets in China and overseas, NVC is now active throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and Latin America. This strong distribution network, coupled with a solid capital structure, has enabled NVC to accelerate its rate of business development both in China and overseas.

As the South African subsidiary, NVC SA is well-equipped to carry forward the NVC brand’s legacy, delivering optimal lighting solutions that are geared towards responsibly and efficiently bringing advanced lighting technology from around the world to the South African market. Our product ranges include LED light fixtures for commercial, office and residential lighting, as well as lamps, control gear and a full range of additional electrical accessories for the full lighting solution.

Along with a strong commitment to supplying superior quality products at competitive prices, NVC SA also delivers on service excellence by maintaining sufficient levels of stock at all times to ensure that we are able to cater for customer demands at all times.

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Head Office (Johannesburg)
+27 11 615 7245

 Cape Town (Branch)
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Port Elizabeth (Distributor)
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