NVC SA has an extended outdoor lighting range, including wall lights, floodlights, spotlights and more, specifically designed to bring quality, energy efficient light to many commercial, residential and industrial areas.

LED Outdoor Lighting


Fluorescent Fittings

Long service life and uniform brightness make LED the preferred solution for outdoor lighting applications. From residential to commercial, NVC SA is filling the night sky with brilliant, energy efficient light one fixture at a time.

  Ideal for outdoor and industrial use, vapour proof fluorescent fittings are designed to be waterproof and dustproof and are able to withstand tough environmental conditions. Choose from either single or double fittings that are IP65 rated.

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In-ground Fittings


Flood Lights

Constructed from non-corrosive, waterproof, impact resistant materials and characterised by advanced lighting technology, the in-ground light fittings range is well-suited to a variety of outdoor lighting applications and architectural features.

  Our range of broad-beamed, high-intensity flood lights set the standards in high quality optics. Designed to illuminate low-light areas or to accent outdoor signage, these fittings were made to withstand tough outdoor environments.

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Garden Lighting


Wall Lights

Add lighting to a private garden or public landscape to enhance the aesthetic appeal and extend night time entertainment into outdoor areas. This range is best suited for paths and walkways, steps and changes in level to highlight low-light areas.

  Functional and attractive, our range of exterior wall mounted fittings offer high quality light for outdoor applications. Combining waterproof and dustproof properties, these tough fittings can be installed in any area where they might be exposed to the elements.
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Underwater Lights

The NVC range of surface mounted underwater lights are IP rated for outdoor lighting applications such as water features, waterways and aquarium lighting. Offering easy installation and low-profile design, our underwater lights are simple yet attractive.

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