NVC SA offers a line of track lighting fittings and accessories to add to existing 3-wire track lighting systems or when designing and creating your own track lighting.

Product Image Product
Description Material Quantity CTN Dimension
t3 tbn T3/1M 3-wire track (end cap & live end incl.) Aluminium 20 1025 x 190 x 100
t3 tbn T3/2M 3-wire track (end cap & live end incl.) Aluminium 20 2025 x 190 x 100
t3-ij tbn T3-IJ Joints for 3-wire track (I shape) PC 100 370 x 195 x 205
t3-lj tbn T3-LJ Joints for 3-wire track (L shape) PC 50 410 x 230 x 115
t3-tj tbn T3-TJ Joints for 3-wire track (T shape) PC 50 410 x 230 x 115
t3-xj tbn T3-XJ Joints for 3-wire track (Cross shape) PC 10 430 x 230 x 110
tlh-smbox tbn TLH-SMBOX Track adaptor for ceiling recessed and mounted - 100 435 x 195 x 225
tlh-rmbox tbn TLH-RMBOX Track adaptor for ceiling recessed and mounted - 40 525 x 315 x 275


Spec Sheet
Track Light Accessories (3-wire) Spec Sheet

Simple yet attractive, our range of surface mount fluorescent luminaires offer direct high quality light distribution in commercial and industrial applications, and can be installed as individual luminaires or as continuous rows for wider coverage.

t5 surface mounted louvres

surface-mounted-louvre tbn

T5 Surface Mounted Louvres

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Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, displays and recessed ceilings, and much more. NVC SA’s range of undercounter light fittings deliver maximum performance and pleasing aesthetics with easy installation.

open undercounter lights

open-undercounter-lights tbn

Open Undercounter Lights

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enclosed undercounter lights

enclosed-undercounter-lights tbn

Enclosed Undercounter Lights

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Intelligent design and durable qualities make our range of high bay lights an innovative solution for high ceiling applications. Maximum light output, low maintenance and a long lifespan combine to meet the demands of industrial environments.

American High bay fittings

american-high-bay-fitting tbn

American High Bay Fittings

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American High bay accessories

american-high-bay-accessories tbn

American High Bay Accessories

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Find a selection of versatile, robust recessed luminaires ideally suited to environments where standard lighting is required such as offices, shopping malls and warehouses, offering high quality light without compromising on appearances.

economy range recessed louvre

economy-range-recessed-louvre tbn

Economy Range Recessed Louvre

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recessed louvre - perforated infill

recessed-lourve-perforated-infill tbn

Recessed Louvre - Perforated Infill

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direct/indirect recessed louvre

direct-indirect-recessed-louvre tbn

Direct/Indirect Recessed Louvre

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Choose from a range of flexible track lighting with complementary accessories, designed to bring a contemporary appeal to your home or to accent objects of interest under directional light in commercial applications.

Metal Halide Track Lights

metal-halide-track-light tbn

Metal Halide Track Lights

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Track Light Accessories (3-wire)

accessories-for-3-wire-track-lights tbn

Track Light Accessories (3-wire)

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