As the South African subsidiary, NVC SA is well-equipped to carry forward the NVC brand’s legacy, delivering optimal lighting solutions that are geared towards responsibly and efficiently bringing advanced lighting technology from around the world to the South African market. Our product ranges include LED light fixtures for commercial, office and residential lighting, as well as lamps, control gear and a full range of additional electrical accessories for the full lighting solution.

An unfaltering Research and Development approach forms the foundation of our ever-broadening product ranges that keep pace with new technological developments and lighting advancements. Selecting only the best light sources, electronic parts, raw materials and craftsmanship – the lighting design of NVC lighting products is of the highest quality standard for energy efficiency.

Along with a strong commitment to supplying superior quality products at competitive prices, NVC SA also delivers on service excellence by maintaining sufficient levels of stock at all times to ensure that we are consistently able to cater for customer demands.

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LED Lighting Systems


Give energy the green light
LED Display, LED Indoor Lights, LED Outdoor Lights, LED Control Gear, LED Lamps, etc.

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Indoor Range

indoor range

A light for every room
Metal-halide Lights, Downlights, Spotlights, Fluorescent Louvres, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights, etc.

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Outdoor Range

outdoor range

Light up the great outdoors
Road Lights, Floodlights, Garden Lights, Lawn Lights, Underground Lights, Underwater Lights, Wall Lights, etc.

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Create more light for longer
Compact Fluorescent Lamps, Linear Fluorescent Tubes, Metal Halide Lamps, Halogen Lamps, etc.

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Control Gear

control gear

Extend the life of your lamps
Electronic Transformers, Electronic Ballasts (T5/T8, PLC, Metal Halide), etc.

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NVC SA offers the highest performance and quality aesthetics with a wide selection of interior lighting solutions suitable for a broad range of industries and applications, including commercial, office, retail and residential.

LED Indoor Range


Undercounter Lights

LED indoor lighting has the potential to illuminate any space with energy-saving light. With an extensive product line, NVC SA caters for any kind of interior lighting project you can imagine.

  Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms, displays and recessed ceilings, NVC’s undercounter range of lights and light fixtures deliver maximum performance and pleasing aesthetics with easy installation.

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Recessed Louvres


Surface Mount Louvres

Find a selection of versatile, robust recessed luminaires ideally suited to environments where standard lighting is required such as offices, malls and warehouses, offering high quality light without compromising on appearances.

  Simple yet attractive, our surface mount luminaires offer direct, high quality light distribution in commercial and industrial applications, and can be installed as individual luminaires or as a continuous row for wider coverage.

View Our Recessed Louvre Range   View Our Surface Mount Louvre Range

High Bays


Track Lights

Intelligent design and durable qualities make our range of high bay lights an innovative solution for high ceiling applications. Maximum light output, low maintenance and a long lifespan combine to meet the demands of industrial environments.

  Choose from a range of flexible track lighting with complementary accessories, designed to bring a contemporary appeal to your home or to accent objects of interest under directional light in commercial applications.
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NVC SA has an extended outdoor lighting range, including wall lights, floodlights, spotlights and more, specifically designed to bring quality, energy efficient light to many commercial, residential and industrial areas.

LED Outdoor Lighting


Fluorescent Fittings

Long service life and uniform brightness make LED the preferred solution for outdoor lighting applications. From residential to commercial, NVC SA is filling the night sky with brilliant, energy efficient light one fixture at a time.

  Ideal for outdoor and industrial use, vapour proof fluorescent fittings are designed to be waterproof and dustproof and are able to withstand tough environmental conditions. Choose from either single or double fittings that are IP65 rated.

View Our LED Outdoor Range   View Our Fluorescent Fittings

In-ground Fittings


Flood Lights

Constructed from non-corrosive, waterproof, impact resistant materials and characterised by advanced lighting technology, the in-ground light fittings range is well-suited to a variety of outdoor lighting applications and architectural features.

  Our range of broad-beamed, high-intensity flood lights set the standards in high quality optics. Designed to illuminate low-light areas or to accent outdoor signage, these fittings were made to withstand tough outdoor environments.

View Our In-ground Fittings Range   View Our Flood Light Range

Garden Lighting


Wall Lights

Add lighting to a private garden or public landscape to enhance the aesthetic appeal and extend night time entertainment into outdoor areas. This range is best suited for paths and walkways, steps and changes in level to highlight low-light areas.

  Functional and attractive, our range of exterior wall mounted fittings offer high quality light for outdoor applications. Combining waterproof and dustproof properties, these tough fittings can be installed in any area where they might be exposed to the elements.
View Our Garden Lighting Range   View Our Wall Light Range

Underwater Lights

The NVC range of surface mounted underwater lights are IP rated for outdoor lighting applications such as water features, waterways and aquarium lighting. Offering easy installation and low-profile design, our underwater lights are simple yet attractive.

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As a leading supplier of energy efficient lighting solutions, NVC SA offers a premium range of optimal LED lighting systems that are specifically designed to combine high performance with quality aesthetics for a light that is more reliable and longer lasting.




LED indoor lighting has the potential to illuminate any space with energy-saving light. With an extensive product line, NVC SA caters for any kind of interior lighting project you can imagine.

  Long service life and uniform brightness make LEDs the ideal solution for outdoor lighting applications. From residential to commercial, NVC SA has filled the night sky with brilliant, energy efficient light.

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NVC SA’s lighting and lamp ranges are recognised in the industry for their high-quality and longer lifespan which offers both extreme effectiveness and energy efficiency for the price conscious consumer.

  Advanced LED technology combined with pleasing aesthetics and competitive pricing make the NVC LED lighting range ideal to meet the modern needs of sustainability and energy management in commercial, industrial and roadway projects.

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Control Gear

As one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting technology, NVC offers a broad selection of electronic control gear and lighting management systems that not only extend the life of your lamps, but also reduce energy costs.


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