NVC China (Headquarters)

nvc-chinaFounded in 1998, NVC Lighting has become a leader in China’s lighting industry and is known world-over as the “expert in environmental lighting”, operating on the core principal of creating a beautiful, comfortable and energy-saving light environment to the world. In 2000, the company opened its first store in Shenyang, and today it has grown to become one of the fastest growing suppliers of energy efficient LED lighting systems, with more than 3000 exclusively NVC branded stores across China alone and subsidiary operations throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia, Latin America.

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OMS Lighting

omsNVC SA is an exclusive distributor of OMS Lighting products. As an internationally-recognised lighting manufacturer, OMS creates unique light concepts for both indoor and outdoor applications, including offices, hotels, restaurants, residential and storage premises, hospitals, banking institutes as well as for road infrastructure, parking lots, sporting grounds, billboards and any type of building you can think of. In keeping with the latest European and international trends, OMS is founded on the principal of innovation, constantly focusing on research, development, quality and control to produce world-leading products of the highest standard.

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fumagalliFumagalli is an Italian-based lighting manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in producing high quality outdoor lighting products which have become famous amongst installers worldwide. All Fumagalli products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility where only the highest quality raw materials and components are used to create “composite material” lighting fixtures. The special resin formulation used in production is self-coloured and UV stabilised, making the fittings virtually maintenance-free and resistant to fading or discolouration. NVC SA exclusively distributes the Fumagalli collection to provide the South African market with a host of outdoor lighting solutions.

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Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA)

iessaSouth Africa’s lighting industry is represented by IESSA, which was established in 2004 to unify three bodies, namely the South African National Committee on Illumination, which provided the South African link to the international lighting body, and which worked closely with local municipalities; the Institute of Lighting Engineers in South Africa, which focused mainly on education-related activities for the South African lighting industry; and the South African Lighting Association, which addressed lighting manufacturers and lighting best practices, such as the South African Bureau of Standards.

IESSA’s stated objectives are:

To provide a unique forum for the interchange of information and contacts between those concerned with the different aspects of illumination
To stimulate and coordinate technical activities in the field of illumination
To provide opportunities for members to improve their knowledge in order to practice their profession with knowledge and confidence
To maintain and enforce the strict code of conduct of IESSA to ensure members conduct business in a fair and professional manner
To represent members on international organisations to ensure that knowledge on the latest trends and developments is transferred to members
To apply available resources efficiently to render a meaningful and reliable service to members and to the lighting industry
To cooperate with other national organisations, both public and private, to ensure fair governing and to accomplish these goals

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As a professional lighting supplier to the South African market, NVC SA recognises the importance of promoting the objectives of the Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2007. As such, we are committed to attaining a workforce that reflects the demographics of our country and aligning our operations in accordance with requirements of legislation. We have therefore appointed a BEE Verification Agency (PTY) Ltd to assist us with improving our BEE status on a continuous basis.

We are proud to be independently verified as a Level 2 B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Contributor with a 125% B-BBEE Procurement Recognition.

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Richard Gardner (CEO Director)

richard-gardner-directorRichard Gardner has been working in the lighting industry for over 28 years. He started out working at his family’s business in 1987, later founding Toroidal Technologies in 1990 which became the largest manufacturer of toroidal power transformers in Africa. He finally started NVC SA in 2008 which has since become one of the major lighting suppliers in Southern Africa. His passion lies in the technical challenges of the lighting industry being at the cutting edge of LED Lighting Technology.

The error is not making the mistake, the error is in repeating it.

Grant Olivier (Sales Director)

grant-olivier-national-sales-managerGrant Olivier worked his way up in the lighting industry from starting out as a Sales Representative at Golnix over 18 years ago, to where he is now as the Sales Director at NVC SA. An N3 technical qualification and various sales courses have equipped him for the demands that come with the Sales Director role. He is passionate about working with people, be it clients or staff, and gets excited by new products that constantly enter the lighting market.

Never give up.

Ross Fairall (Sales Representative)

ross-fairall-sales-representativeWith over 8 years’ experience in the lighting industry, Ross Fairall has become an expert in commercial, industrial and LED lighting. He started his career as a store man at one of the biggest lighting companies in the country and worked his way up to a sales position. From there, he went on to join NVC SA, landing big projects for the business as well as building and maintaining good customer relationships. Ross’s passion lies with his work, getting big projects for NVC SA and helping his customers grow.

Everything happens for a reason.

Yolanda Mitchell (Internal Sales Consultant)

yolanda-mitchell-internal-sales-consultantOver 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry has meant more to Yolanda Mitchell than a traditional qualification ever would have. Her area of expertise lies within the sales department where she gets to work with clients and implement her product knowledge. Yolanda feels strongly about not only having professional relationships with clients, but a personal relationship as well.

I don’t stop when I am tired; I only stop when I am done.

Wendy Thom (Sales Representative – Cape Town)

wendy-thom-sales-representativeWendy Thom specialises in sales and marketing. Her educational background forms strong roots in the tourism industry with an IATA UFTAA Diploma, however she has been working in the lighting industry for over 12 years. Her passion is putting smiles on people’s faces.


Since 1998, the NVC brand has been built on absolute quality and a passion for evolving products to suit the needs of the changing market. Today, NVC is one of the top-selling brands in China with the intention of expanding internationally to become one of the fastest growing suppliers of energy-efficient LED light fixtures and other lighting systems worldwide.

Operating through a network of over 1500 distributors and 2500 exclusive retail outlets in China and overseas, NVC is now active throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and Latin America. This strong distribution network, coupled with a solid capital structure, has enabled NVC to accelerate its rate of business development both in China and overseas.

As the South African subsidiary, NVC SA is well-equipped to carry forward the NVC brand’s legacy, delivering optimal lighting solutions that are geared towards responsibly and efficiently bringing advanced lighting technology from around the world to the South African market. Our product ranges include LED light fixtures for commercial, office and residential lighting, as well as lamps, control gear and a full range of additional electrical accessories for the full lighting solution.

Along with a strong commitment to supplying superior quality products at competitive prices, NVC SA also delivers on service excellence by maintaining sufficient levels of stock at all times to ensure that we are able to cater for customer demands at all times.

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The experts in environmental lighting systems


NVC Lighting Technology Corporation made its entrance into the industry in 1998 and has since made a name for itself as the largest lighting systems and fittings manufacturer in China, earning them a bigger share of the Chinese lighting market than any other company.  The success of NVC in China prompted the company to expand globally and now supplies into the Middle-East, Asia, Australia and Africa with the stated aim of achieving the same acclaimed status worldwide.

As a leading provider of lighting systems, NVC has built up one of the strongest lighting brands, manufacturing and distributing quality light fixtures as well as lamps and control gear throughout China and the rest of the world, with an emphasis on energy-saving LED lighting systems. NVC is also listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This helps to ensure a strong capital base that is fit to withstand global economic upheavals and provide opportunities for further overseas expansion.


NVC SA is the South African subsidiary of NVC Lighting Technology Corporation.  Based in Germiston, and with branches strategically placed throughout the country, we are perfectly positioned to deliver local advice and support to electrical wholesalers, contractors and specifiers nationwide.

Global support, backed by a strong investment into R&D systems has allowed NVC SA to establish a growing nationwide distribution network. Our value offering is enhanced through the development of tight, long-term relationships with local distributors across the country. Our operations are founded on the principle of mutual advantage for our partners, markets and customers as well as delivering quality through innovation and trusted service delivery.


To become the lighting brand of choice amongst architects, designers, specifiers, contractors and installers as a means of proactively promoting energy conservation through the supply of unique lighting systems that set the benchmark in the industry for environmental protection.


Through the highest standards of quality and service delivery, NVC supplies best-in-class lighting products and energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, office, outdoor and residential use, plus lamps and gear supported by a full range of electrical accessories.


  • Maintain and grow our business success
  • Develop trusted relationships and partnerships
  • Promote the use of green lighting technology
  • Act with integrity at all times
  • Practice continuous improvement in all areas of operation

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